Monday, October 15, 2018

Tips to Celebrate a Spooky yet Safe Halloween

It is that time of the year when children of all ages are excited to dress spooky and run to every house in the neighborhood asking for trick or treats. A hint that the holiday season is just a few months ahead, Halloween is a time when children love to roam freely and ask everyone for tricks or treats. While children enjoy this time to the fullest, parents have their doubt about children being out all on their own. If you are accompanying your children then there are no worries as such.
However, in case you are sending them with someone else, make sure to take their full name and phone number  so you can contact them anytime. There are a number of bad things that can happen on this fun-filled festival hence you need to check a few things to have a happy Halloween:
Plan out your trick and treat: You need to be the escort of your child or find someone else reliable to accompany your child as they roam from one house to another for candy hunt. While kids above age 12 are good to go out on their own, for any child under the age must have an accompanying adult. A possible way out is finding someone reliable or hiring a sitter to offer treats to anyone that knocks at your door while you accompany your child.
If you are hiring a sitter or asking someone to accompany your child on the Halloween’s night, you can find people information including address and any public records about the person. You may want to run a background check of the individual to ensure that your child is in the safe hands.  
Brush up the safety tips: Whether your kids are going on their own or you are accompanying them on the night, it is important that you tell them the important safety tips to ensure no surprises. Educate them about crossing the streets, watching for the cars, talking with the strangers.
Make costumes easy to carry: Kids in too heavy or hanging costume can fall and sustain injury. Make sure the costumes they are wearing make it easy for them to move and run from one door to another.
Check the candy before the kid eats: Being a little cautious can help you keep tab of how many candies your child has actually eaten and if they were safe for consumption.
So, stay Safe and have a Happy and Spooky Halloween!

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