Friday, March 2, 2018

Finding Missing Persons

Do you have you a family member or loved one who has been missing? It is very sad and depressing knowing you have that beloved person out there and you cannot do anything about it. You wonder whether the person is safe or not.

Along side working with law authorities and following these, you can do some more
  1. Do not panic and be kind to yourself. There should be no room for blaming.
  2. Follow the advice of experienced and expert law enforcements.
  3. Seek the help of family, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. The internet is your biggest ally during this period. Maximize using search engines and social media networks.  Numerous people go online every day trying to search for details about missing people. Many are finding success with their search, to find names, addresses, phone numbers, occupations, and other recent data on missing people.
  5. The phone book is a friend, too. Try to find all the similar names and contact them. 
  6. Advertise in local and national news papers. Tap local radio and TV and announce your need to find the missing person.
  Also, other newspaper notices can be equally helpful such as marriage announcements and stories about family reunions or anniversary parties. If you think that the person lives in a specific area, check for the person in varied online phone directories. 
  7. Building a webpage can help. 
  8. Try searching for an old address which can provide a listing of neighbors and/or the name of the person who are presently residing in the home all of whom may know more about the current whereabouts of the missing person. A city directory is also a great source.
  9. Do not just search on obvious places. Check out other paths that might give you clues.
  10. Check out death records at the social security system so you can have a clue whether the person has been reported dead or not. Although it may sound morbid, but obituary and death notices frequently list multiple family members and friends. This can help a great deal to confirm that you have located the correct person. This is also a possible way to provide a current location for your missing person, or his/her family members.
  11. A private investigator may be a good idea too as he has his own ways of handling cases like this one. He is an expert so he must know what to do and how to do it best. This person is skilled and equipped with the right means of doing the search. Also, the person has connections with many offices that can help in getting the links for finding a missing person.
Pray and do all you can to reach out to the missing person. Do not give up, try another shot and you might succeed in your search. Good luck.

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