Monday, October 23, 2017

Trick or Treat: Safety Tips For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and the excitement of celebrations knows no bounds. No matter children, young or old; Halloween fills every mind and soul with festivities and frolic. The festival marks a clear line between festivities and superstitions, fall & winter, life & death perfectly. Dressing up in creative dresses and moving in the neighborhood to play trick-or-treat, is the best way to celebrate this occasion. However, if not taken enough safety measures, Halloween can invite you some trouble while accompanying your child for trick-or-treat ceremony. 

Here are some safety tips that you must keep in mind:

#1: Prepare the route plan in advance
If your child is fond of trick or treating you might cross several streets on the Halloween eve. To avoid sore legs and confusion, it is advised that you must plan the route beforehand. You must avoid long paths and stick close to the house.

#2: Wear comfortable shoes
Often parents, as well as children, complain of sore feet after Halloween. This time avoid wearing anything that is uncomfortable on your feet. You have to cross dark streets and walk miles to get the best trick or treat so wear comfy and stay happy.

#3: Don’t forget the torch
Halloween is the festival of darkness and the decorations, as well as the streets, are dark. To avoid getting hurt, keep a torch with you before leaving your house.

#4: Wear fitted dresses
You do not want to get entangled in long costume and fall. Neither you want your child to struggle with the long hem of the skirt, so, keep the length of the costume short. This will help you avoid tripping and run when getting tricked.

#5: Use flexible props
Children dressed up in an attire that needs complementing props must ensure that they are flexible. This will help in minimizing the risk of getting pricked or popped by the props.

#6: Examine the candies
When the night ends, you must take the candy bag of your child and check all the candies. You just sort out the candies and check whether or not they are appropriate for your children’s age and health.

However, if you aren’t accompanying your child this time and sending them along with their friend's parent or someone else, you must ensure that you know the person well. If you wish to know more, you can always run a quick background check and be at peace. Happy Halloween!!!

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