Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What To Do If Your Loved One Goes Missing

No one would ever like to go through a test of having a loved one gone missing. But if this unwanted event happens, it is crucial to have the right knowledge on how to find a missing loved one.

  1. Don’t wait too long to call the police. Go with your instincts if you think there is something wrong. The police need to establish a timeline so the longer the time you take to report that a person is missing, the higher risk that the case will be harder to solve. 
  2. If the missing person is vulnerable like he/she is under 18 or suffering from physical or mental illness - report the disappearance to local police immediately.
  3. If the person is on life-saving medication and had not taken the medicine
with them, inform the law authorities.
  4. Contact friends or family and ask if they have any knowledge of
the missing person's whereabouts. Ask for their help to widen the search. Do not take on everything yourself.
  5. Have someone stay by the phone all the time, in case the missing person is trying to contact you. 
  6. Establish a list of friends, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, and any other item which can be used to find leads to the missing person are also important. 
  7. It is also very crucial for family members to know what social media the missing loved one is using, if they happen to post on their account for help.
  8. Write down a routine day for the missing person and inquire which location he/she was seen last. 
  9. Post on local and internet social boards. Make sure you have your contact details posted so people can find you easily. 
  10. Contact the media and get the community involved. Broadcast the disappearance.
  11. Keep calm. Your loved one is banking on your to stay calm and focused in finding them.

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