Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three Categories of Missing Persons

Missing persons are becoming rampant in today's society. Finding a person that is missing is not easy as this case is something that needs time to establish. Before a person is tagged as missing, you have to wait hours and you are not sure whether the missing person is still safe or even alive.

There are three categories of missing people:

1). People who are not really missing but are happily going on with their lives. This category may include former schoolmates, friends, former lovers and other acquaintances. Most probably, there are lots of people who know where they are. It is not just that you are one of those who know their whereabouts.

2). People who are just making their best efforts to avoid you. Those who are in category 1 may also be part of this category. It could also include debtors, deadbeat dads and moms, and former spouses who are ducking alimony or other financial or family responsibilities.

3). All others. This category can include people who have been kidnapped or who have voluntarily run away. Those who are involved in criminal activity are also ones who belong to this category. Those who are making an effort to disguise their identity and whereabouts are also part of this category. Also, anyone else who does not want to be found for many different reasons.

By clearly identifying the category of your missing loved one, you can have a good start on where or how to find them. If you know whether the person is really missing or not, your efforts in finding them will bear fruit.


  1. Defined where I could find a friend or associate people with the names that I am searching

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