Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finding Missing Persons In Your Area

Everyday, millions and millions of people from around the world gets missing. In the USA alone, around more than 800,000 people are reported missing by the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) annually.  These figures do not include those who are unofficially missing like those who have not been reported as missing persons.

Some times, one of the problems with police-led missing person’s searches is that the police will only start looking for a missing child at a specified amount of time after the child was last seen. The problem is by that time, it may be too late if the child has been kidnapped by a criminal. Also, police are also reluctant to search for people who willingly left home.

As much as the police do their best with the resources they have, as a private citizen, you can do something to help. If you suspect there have been missing persons being kept in your area, be aware of the situation and choose to be brave to seek help from trusted organizations and the police to help the victim.

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