Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Class of 1990

I love watching movies about schools and reunions. Whenever one watches these movies, you would really can't help but miss those good old high school or college days. Wont it be fun to go back to that school building and relive those happy memories you have had when you were younger with your good old friends? Isn't that so exciting?

So, get that old slum book and find clues on where to find those old chums. Search for the old phone book and find their phone numbers. Its the start of the search to plan that long standing reunion. How about the school annual? Surely, it can give you a list of everyone who should be there. You would not want to miss anyone.

Social media groups is a great way to find people today. Now that millions are in Facebook, finding one or two of your classmates can be the door to finding everyone else. Try searching for them today at these popular social media groups. Of course, there are online people search to find classmates'  contact numbers and address of the classmates. Now, your reunion is at hand when you finally have all the people in the wagon.

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