Monday, March 31, 2014

Finding A Schoolmate

It was maybe a decade ago or two decades? You have been wondering where that funny friend is now. You have been playing together since ages, walking and running from school to home and back. Eating together, joining all the clubs you can get your noses into, scoring girls(or boys) passing by, enjoying all those field trips and school parties together. Until it hits you, somewhere along the way, you lost connection.

Where is that best chummy you ever had all those school years? Time seemed to have passed you by. Suddenly, you just miss spending crazy and free times with your best friend from school and pick where you have left. You know it will be easy like it was only yesterday.

Why not try start looking for your lost schoolmate? There are lots of avenues to do that now. And as you search, you will find clues where your friend is. Also, you might be surprised on the other schoolmates you might have been missing, too, and they might all be found too. It is time to come back to the good old days with the friends who have made your younger years more colorful and happy. It's time to go back to those younger years of fun and friendship means to last long.

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