Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Search For A Long Lost Friend

For a dear friend whom you have lost contact ever since you graduated or have moved to another city or simply went away, there are moments when you feel that deep longing for them. You wanted to see them again, talk with them again, laugh with them, just be with them doing the things you enjoyed doing back when you were still hanging out with each other.

Where do you begin searching for these dear friends?  Here are some practical ways to find these missing friends:

1. Social Media - One of the more popular and seemingly effective means to find a person is the use of social media, in particular, facebook. Many people are successful finding their long lost relatives, and friends via this medium. 

2. Analyze all data and share to social media. Data should be pertinent such as name, age, race, gender, previous and current location, school attended to, previous and present works, physical description although this might change but who knows.

3. Ask other people who might know the person. Ask other distant relatives, school mates, batch mates, former co-employees, co-members in clubs or organizations, exercise buddies, and more.

4. Browse the person's name on the internet. You do not know what the search engines might give you. And who knows if these can lead you to the person.

5. Create a trace on world book websites. This can generate a unique URL for the person you are looking for. Maximize the power of the web. Use people finder as this can help a lot.

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