Monday, December 23, 2013

Why You Cannot Find A Person Online

It is now easy to find a person mostly because of the online technology we now enjoy. Even old friends or long lost family members are now easier to find by just clicking their names on a search engine and you will surely find persons bearing the name you searched for. But there are instances when no matter how hard you try, you just cannot find a person online.

There are some reasons why this happens. Here are some of the reasons why you cannot find a person online:

1. The internet has more information about persons who lived until about 80 to 100 years ago than people who have just been born recently. If you are searching for persons who are very young, you might have difficulty finding information about this person. However, you can check out public birth records or announcements from newspapers or magazines bearing announcements for births, marriages, etc.

2. When the name is unrecognizable, search engines will find it hard to find the names you are searching for. For example, the name was not legibly written or it was encoded wrongly like it was misspelled or no sufficient data was provided.

3. The names were not recorded. These may happen in instances like immigrants afraid of the government and would not want to have anything to do with it; or when somebody did not register the birth of a child born; or simply, the persons did not provide information to the census.

4. You are looking at the wrong place. Sometimes, there are instances when profile or data is recorded according to the location one has been identified with. But there are instances when this is not correct.

5. Despite the online wide reach, there are still names that are not recorded online. Genealogists suggest to do both online and offline research.

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