Thursday, November 14, 2013

What To Do Months After Your Missing Loved One's Disappearance

Has it been months since your loved one has gone missing? Do you honestly think you have done all you can leaving no table unturned in your search? Have you consumed all your energy to find the person? Have you tapped every agency and every person that can help you?

Why not try out these ways when it has been months and you still cannot find your missing loved one?

1. Have you considered offering a reward? Maybe it can bring in results.

2. Organize an event to keep the disappearance alive and so that people will keep on remembering and talking about it. It can be the birthday of the missing person or the anniversary of the disappearance. When people keeps on remembering, they will keep the hype and helps make the search active.

3. Provide updates to the missing person's sites you have posted about the disappearance. Provide updates as well to local agencies and groups. Inform them of the recent happenings and if you have found the person, give details as well so they can update their posts as well.

4. Provide details when you have to move such as new address and contact numbers so they will know how to contact you should they have any news regarding the search.

5. You can submit a DNA sample to be entered into the database so that they can have a comparison with unidentified remains.

6. Make sure that your loved one is constantly on the posting of the sites and agencies. Check every 6 months or less to ascertain this.

7. Check out your state's ruling and privileges for the families of missing persons. This can help you in your search if there is any.

8. Create website about your loved one, the events of the disappearance, update it constantly, and promote it and do all you can to make it viral.

9. Contact crime shows or shows that might be interested or could be of help to your situation. The show can also be a great way to disseminate information to more people regarding your search.

10. Find support groups for people who have persons disappeared in their lives. These groups can provide you with emotional and moral support and can also have the means to help in the search. You can freely discuss your situation with them without the fear of being judged or misunderstood as they too have experienced the same agony and fears you are facing. They can also provide sound suggestions on how to go about the search especially if it has been months already that the person has gone missing.

As long as you know that you will not really run out of means to find your loved one. Never stop. Somewhere out there, your loved one might just be holding on the hope that his/her family is never stopping to find him/her.

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