Saturday, November 9, 2013

What To Do During The First Week Of Your Search For Missing Loved One

During the first week of your search for your missing loved one, here are the important things that you should do:

1. Collect the recent photos of the missing person. Face shots are the best. If there is no recent photo, add details to the photos like the date it was taken and what changes has happened since then such as hair cut from long to bob cut, or other details.

2. Create flyers using the photo you have chosen. Write a description like eye color, hair color, complexion, race, birthday, age, gender, and race. Include any identifiers like scars, moles, eye glasses, braces, tattoos, and others. Include other data unique to the individual such as physical characteristics, medical conditions, and other circumstance surrounding the person when he/she disappeared such as carrying a bag or things like that.

3. Never put your name or contact number at the flyer for this may put you into vulnerable position. You can put the name and contact details of an agency or detective handling the case or a trusted relative.

4. Post the flyers in areas with high traffic and foot traffic. Put them also in places frequented by the missing person.

5. Email the flyer to your contacts. Ask family and friends to send the flyer to their contacts as well.

6. Optimize the social media by posting the flyer there and ask your friends to like, share, and tag so it goes viral.

7. Contact the local media for help including cable operators and radio stations.

8. Coordinate and have constant communication with local and government agencies that are concerned in these cases.

Do all that you can to spread the news and tap all persons, groups, agencies that can help you in your search.

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