Monday, November 4, 2013

Going The Extra Mile In Finding Your Missing Loved One

When you think you have done all the basic and common things you need to in your quest for finding your missing loved one but have not obtained any positive results, you can go an extra mile. Going the extra mile means doing things that is not typically done by other people, although, most probably, anyone who has a missing person in the family will try every possible way to find the missing loved one.

The things that you can still do is to check out local motels, juvenile centers, detention centers, and homeless shelters. You may also check out the state or surrounding state's medical examiner offices to inquire for any unidentified persons on their custody.

Have you tried the Salvation Army? Your loved one might be seeking shelter there. How about the Red Cross? The local Search and Rescue Team especially if the disappearance occurred during a natural calamity.

If the missing person has a car and it is also missing with him/her, check out the local towing yards and impounds at least within 50 miles radius. You can also do a check with the department of motor vehicle to see if tags have been turned in, if there as been any moving violations that occurred, and if the car is under a suspension.  Also, check out areas nearby laces that could have had an accident.

Go to the places and people where the missing person frequents. Also, create a list for all the persons and places your loved one frequents. Include full name, address, contact number, work numbers, and work addresses..

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