Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tips For Finding A Person

There are lots of great ways to begin searching for a person. Check out this list of helpful tips to guide you:

1. Even if you are looking for an old person or someone who you think is not internet-savvy, don't discount searching people online. Maybe their grandchildren have posted something about them. The internet offers interesting resources that you cannot find in the offline world. Online, you can locate and search in a matter of minutes. Begin your search by checking several search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

2. Check the phone book for similar names in areas the missing person may be living.

3. If the person may be deceased, check the Death Public Records. Several sites provide free access to this resource.

4. Put an ad in the local paper, and in the papers in surrounding areas where the missing person may reside. Many newspapers have web sites and accept classified ads. Check their archives as well.

5. Post any information about the missing individual on relevant message boards.

6. Consider building your own web page to expose the names of the missing people. You don't have to be an expert to create a simple page.

7. Try subscription based services for locating missing friends and family. Try looking for the missing person's children, too.

8. For women, use your maiden name instead of your married name when you register yourself with the alumni and message posting services.

9. You can seek help from private investigators and lawyers as well.

Refuse to give up and try some creative problem solving. Keep on researching and searching. There will always be new means to utilize in finding the person.

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