Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Missing Persons Checklist

There is actually a long list for you to do to find the missing persons in your life - long list but definitely worth doing.  If you can do it, then you might be able to have some sound means to start somewhere. More than anyone else, you are the one who knows the missing person more.

Once you learned that someone is missing, inform the police as soon as possible. If you are suspecting foul play, make sure that the family is cleared first. Look around the home and the entire property. Check if your loved one is hiding, has fallen, or is hurt. Make sure to be aware and take notice of any clue or notes. Contact the school or office, family members, relatives, friends, classmates, schoolmates, neighbors, or people who might have seen the person. This is to help verify if the person is really missing.

Once you start your search, keep a journal of names, dates, times, phone conversations; things that were discussed; searches conducted; involved persons, and everything suspicious or not. These data may bring in some clues on where or how to find the person. A trusted person can help you with these tasks.

Remember, there is no 24 hours waiting period. Every second counts. File a missing person report immediately with the concerned agencies. Be honest about all the circumstances of the disappearance. This can help even though there are facts that you may feel ashamed to say. Honesty can help the search become more successful. Keep the names and contact numbers of the detectives assigned to the case.

Consider a 50 miles radius in checking out hospitals, emergency clinics, psychiatric wards, and drug rehabilitation centers. It is understood that hospitals may not release patient information due to laws, so consider faxing fliers to the hospital and request they put them in their emergency room.

These are what you need to do immediately in your people search. Hopefully, the quick immediate checklist can bring in results sooner.

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