Friday, September 6, 2013

Ways to Find A Person

Presume that a missing person is alive, start your search by beginning with the basics. What are these basics? Here is a list:

1. Name/nickname/maiden name
2. Date of birth and Age
3. Social Security Number
4. Place of Birth
5. Names of family members (mother, father, sibling)
6. Profession or industry
7. Last known address
8. High school and/or college attended
9. Physical description
10. Affiliations to religious organizations or clubs.

To gather these information, you can seek help from friends and relatives. Old letters, text messages, emails, phone calls, and all these can be used to begin your search. Try to remember the last moments together and see if there might be clues or signs that could have led to the person being missing. 

Until you have not found your missing loved one, never give up. You might be the only hope to find him or her. Until the reason for being missing is not clear, keep on doing your best effort to find your loved one.

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