Sunday, September 1, 2013

How Do I Find Someone? The Question Millions Ask Everyday

It is not something we see everyday trending on social media and the internet but do you know that the figures show that millions of people get missing everyday. So, the families of these missing persons are asking the question, "How do I find you?"

Its a hard and hurting fact. Especially if the person has been missing for years already. Recently, 3 women victims of a truck driver were rescued after 11 years of being enslaved and repeated raped. It was news that can break anyone's heart who will read the news. It melts my being with so much pity towards the victims and their families, and thankfulness that they were finally freed from the years of torture and slavery. I also felt thankful that the women were able to persevere and held on despite the very difficult and painful situation. Thankful that I believed God was there to give them hope.

Shedding of tears cannot erase the bitter experience or heal the wound of these victims. Through blogs like this, hopefully, the responsibility of reaching out and trying to do your share in finding these missing persons will give positive results. Also, in small ways, can provide support and help to their families.

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