Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top Reasons Why People Disappear

There are numerous cases of reported missing persons all over the world. Some people disappear alone and soon returns.  But there are cases for non-identification of missing individuals. These are some of the reasons behind this disappearance:

1. To escape domestic abuse. This may include child abuse, emotional abuse, or other kinds of abuse from family members including parents or step father or step mother.

2. To have a new identity for some reasons.

3. Victim of kidnapping or human trafficking.

4. Being abducted by a relative or non-custodial parent.

5. Being seized by government officials without due process of the law.

6. In absentia death. This is a kind of suicide done under an assumed name or in a remote location Some people do this to spare their families from the suicide at home).

7.  Becoming a victim of murder. The body is either destroyed, hidden, or disguised so that family members will not recover them.

8. A person who has been sick wit Alzheimer's Disease or has amnesia can become missing.

9. Person who died away from home/in distant places from home without being properly identified.

10. Personal reasons for disappearing for better employment or better living situations.

11. People to hide from committed crimes.

12. People who got separated due to natural calamities or famine.

The reasons listed above are just some of the common things which can be the causes why people are missing. There could be some other reasons, too. Whatever those reasons could be, the loved ones of the affected families could really be in great emotional turmoil when someone they love gets missing. It would be great to find people easily.

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