Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Is My High School Chum?

Whenever I hear the song Donde Esta Santa Claus?, I always remember my favorite high school chum who loves this Christmas song as much as I do. That's our favorite Christmas carol, not only because of the fun singing in a foreign language but because of the message as well. I never thought that the point will come when I will be singing the song alone and miss her. Yes, also, sing it and put her name at the end instead of Santa Claus.

So, here I am trying to search for my old buddy. Great thing there is this new technology of helping you find people you have not been in touch with for so long. It has made my search a lot simpler and easier.  The People Finder has helped me trace her whereabouts.

Finally, after so many years, I was able to retrace my best high school chum. She went to live up North. When we got together, it was almost Christmas. She said she missed us singing our favorite Christmas carol and, yes, when she sings it alone, she also remembers me and does the same of changing Santa Clause with my name, too.

It was the most fun Christmas ever. Back to those happier, younger times. Our husband sang along with us and so did the children. Since that Christmas, we promised never to lose touch again!

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