Friday, April 19, 2013

Profession Verification

Professional verification is essential when taking a person's service. There are fake professionals out there who are doing a means to make money by saying that they are certified professionals and will perform services for you. This means is critical for you or your company whatever means you employ them -  might it be your safety, and your company's stake or credibility.

In medical cases, this is most dangerous. A woman for example who is about to give birth and is going or consulting an uncertified midwife endangers not just her life but also the life of her child who is yet to be born. There is a growing fatal rate for this case especially for poor areas where people do not have enough money to sustain hospital bills and professional doctor's services. Masseurs are also one of them. A physical therapist's job of doing recovery therapy for those who have special conditions are being imitated by masseurs thinking that they can apply the same knowledge on these patients. This is dangerous especially that they do not have the medical knowledge of where to apply therapy or pressures etc. which further worsens the condition of the patient. This and some other more, not to mention prescripting medicines to their patients.

On some other fields, like engineering, accounting, finance and generally any field, this is also prevalent and have to be taken seriously. There are means to be able to verify if someone's profession is valid and true. One is to ask for their professional license. But because nowadays, there can be fake certificates and licenses and you can be presented with those, a more sure one is checking on a public record like professional regulatory commission records. Another is by doing a background check on a person. There is online people finder that can help you with the most detailed information you need for your investigation and assessment. For most, your safety is at stake here and resourcefulness is the key.

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