Monday, April 15, 2013

Middle Name Check

A middle name is an important part of a person's identification. Because there is a pretty good probability that each of the person on earth will have the same name and surname in the statistics record- but there is a lesser chances of having a complete identical First name, middle name and last name. And mostly, the middle name distinguishes the person.

Stating a person's middle name may also help in tracing back relatives or ancestry beyond at least the third degree. And this is most important in verifying relativity between persons. A middle name check helps in cases of claiming for inheritance - in which there can be issues within the family to settle. Some may even hire private investigator in order to prove that a person is a kin or not. The case is also the same for claiming benefits of the pensioner.

Another case - although rare, could be settling case of relationship partners that happens to have the same last name. Could it be a possible case of incest - only your middle name can resolve this.

Being aware of your own identity gives you a lot of advantage. Not to mention that there are a lot of cases of illegitimacy in children being born. You only have one name - claim it for your own as much as your identity.

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