Thursday, April 11, 2013

Checking Pseudonyms

Some people prefer to use aliases or pseudonyms. Common pseudonyms are nick name, pen name, screen name, stage name, names used in gaming, and also those reign names such as of the pope, emperor and monarchs. Some pseudonyms are used to hide real identity of the person while others are required in profession or status.

Pseudonyms or aliases can be a breeding ground as well for misrepresentations and frauds. People may do schemes and use aliases so it would be hard for them to be traced. An alias could be changed unlimitedly and abandoned easily if worse comes to worst. One common example of fraud is using identities not their own on social media sites such as facebook or twitter. Some people may even use other people's  pictures that trick people into thinking the account is real. The danger with this is that it can be used as a tool to do libelous acts on the real person. Many of this happens not just on famous people but also on ordinary people as well.

Preventing this can be hard although there are steps that can help. Securing anything you have especially on the internet will lessen chances of identity theft. Be careful of the properties that you pose on the internet especially photos. You may check social media sites for security settings such as those that control or prevent people from freely downloading pictures and so make fake account using these. You may also put distinction mark that may put your account as official and originally owned -  something that would be hard to imitate.

If however you have already became a victim, or you are in doubt if an account or name is really authentic, you may verify if it is authentic by doing a background check. Doing this things can be a great help for a lot of people not just on the person being misinterpreted but also on people that can be mislead.

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