Thursday, January 24, 2013

Safeguard from Fraud Agents

An agent is a middle person that stands between a company and a client. An agent can be a company's representative in presenting a product or performing services. They earn by basic salary or mostly, on a commission basis.

An agent can also be directly or indirectly connected to a company - the reason where most of the problems arise is because of this. The agent may do misdemeanors or fraud practices using the portfolio of the company, thus making both the company and the client common victims.

A company must make sure that they do background check prior to authorizing their agents to deal with clients on behalf of them. The responsibility of scanning the transactions of their agents and acknowledging the public as well whenever a person is really connected or already not connected with the company (if ever their contract expires) is a good precaution.

On the part of the customers however, they must also check agent's record with the company first before even signing a contract or paying any amount thru the agent. This way, you protect yourself from unsolicited headaches that may come because of being unaware of the TO DO precautionary measures -  and that you also are responsible for your own security.

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