Saturday, September 1, 2012

Critical Situation

Kidnapping is one of the most heinous crimes recorded on police files. This crime not just puts the victim on a life and death situation but also hangs the family of the kidnapped victim in a critical place of deciding whether to give in to the demands of the kidnappers or rely on the police authorities to rescue their relative.

Sam (not real name) had been kidnapped on his way home after school. Her kidnappers called up her parents and asked for a ransom of $100,000. They strictly ordered Sam's parents not to report to authorities, otherwise they would no longer see Sam alive. Having heard of the kidnappers' demands and orders, Sam's family could not easily know what they should do. They had to decide right away because every minute counted to the set time of the kidnappers to give them the ransom money.

Sam's father suddenly remembered one of the training he had undergone while he was in service in the army. He recalled the tactics when presented with such case. First of, he got to track the exact whereabouts of the kidnappers. He knew that there must be a way to trace where the call was coming from but when the kidnappers called, he didn't have the device. Sam's mother then remembered that Sam had her cellphone tracking on and so they hurriedly check on the network, thinking that Sam's cellphone might be on. Luckily, it was - so they got the exact location where the kidnappers had brought Sam.

Meanwhile Sam's parents simulated an agreement with the kidnappers that they will give the ransom money and will not tell the police. But this is just to cover up that they would not hurt Sam. The truth was, they already contacted 911 to secure them against the kidnappers and lay an assault operation to get Sam safe. The operation had been a success and they brought back Sam safe to her family without paying a single penny. This was made possible by her parent's alertness of mind, resourcefulness, and trust that no matter how desperate a situation maybe, there will always be a way to solve any difficulty.

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