Sunday, August 5, 2012

Work Transactions Verification

Every transaction in a company – big and small is important in assuring the smooth flow of the business processes. Likewise, every employee must follow business protocol instructed by their management. There is no sure formula to assuring that conformity will work perfect all the time. There might come instances that employees will meet problems both while doing office task, dealing with co-employees and dealing with customers.

In such instances, one has to have means of validating the correctness or error (if any) that he or she had committed. Depending on the impact it causes, one must have proof to support an action. For example, if a secretary or accountant commits erroneous typing while doing a financial report but only found out after a considerable time, it will surely cause a big imbalance on their financial records. If the company has no backup records of all their transactions, this will surely create a much bigger problem.

Another example is when an employee encounters a dispute involving a client. The saying “customer is always right” may not be applicable at all times, there can be instances that an employee may be proved to be on the right reason. This may happen especially if the customer deals in an obviously disturbing manner threatening to the company or other current customers. In such instances, an employee has to be ready with supporting documents and other means, if it is asked.

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