Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reputation Check on Dating

The cases of marital and relationship infidelity is continuously been increasing. It all starts from many aspects. One of its rooted cause is the lack of time knowing the person thoroughly before engaging on a relationship with them that leads to marriage the eventually, failure.

Sarah (not her real name) is a typical single adult who have been through failed relationships. She has always been attracted to men who swoops her way with their charm only to find out later on that they are already married, has vices and a woman batterer. Due to this, she already has become skeptical about every man that she dates, yet inwardly, she still hopes that there would come a man who would finally be right for her and would treat her fair.

On one instance, she was set up for a date by a friend. At their first meeting she found the man to be very attractive. From their short chitchat she had known him to have a great career, and treated her with complete gentleness the whole time. After the date, she was enticed but in her heart there were doubts brought about by her past relationship traumas. More dates followed but it still did not completely help her put all her faith unto the man. Her friend who had introduced her to that man talked to her about it. She had been concerned about what is going on but could not blame Sarah entirely because she also knew what she went through in the past.

Because of this, her friend thought of something that might convince Sarah into taking a chance. They did people search to do Background check and found everything with regards to the things that the man told her, to be true. Thinking to herself it is a crazy thing to do, it lowered her defenses after knowing that the man is telling the truth. The next date they have, she finally accepted the man's proposal of relationship and have been happy with him - FINALLY.

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