Friday, August 17, 2012

Plagiarism / Piracy

Plagiarism is the copying or replication of an idea of another source and claiming it to be his or her own. Plagiarism can be punishable depending on the level of duplication created. A student for example can be expelled or suspended upon copying or stealing an idea from someone. This happens when a student copies a project, have others do their project, buy a ready made project, quote an idea from a book and have it named under them.

If you would look at some books, you probably see copyright note by the author on its first page. This serves as a warning against their readers who might attempt to reproduce, transmit, photocopy, or record any of its contents without written permission from the author.

An idea of a certain product can also be copied as well as their brand trademarks. There are many imitations of an original brand. Piracy of an idea of certain product can also be a subjected crime when the original maker files a case against the fake product bearing their tag names. Some items like reproducing brand of clothes, is one of the common examples. Dvd or audio cd piracy is also one of the most widespread crime of duplication. Some governments even have to put up special task agencies to stop piracy. Millions of dollars are lost from the original product makers and movie producers because of this. Also, many people are being retrenched from their jobs because of the income deficits that their employers suffer from.

Plagiarism and piracy may bring relief from people who are doing it and benefiting from it. However, these selfish people are stealing money and livelihood from the people who should be the primary benefactors of the hard work. This reason is already enough to make them stop.

Should one be doubtful about certain people, project, article, product, or media items, you can search for them and then have them face lawful consequences by reporting them to authorities.

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