Saturday, August 11, 2012

Investigation on Declared Winner in a Draw or Competition

Winners in competitions are often judged according to some criteria acting as the basis of scoring on the contestants by the judges. However, in spite of the existing criteria, there are competitions that may still be influenced with bias decision and anomaly in declaring the real winner. Different competitions may have this tendency but complainants must have their logical reason as the basis of their appeal  about the declared decision rather than mere sympathy for the loosing side.

A competition that is based on scoring can be easier to judge without any influence of bias judgment. Examples of these are ball games in which the points are based on shooting ball and there are also many people witnessing the game that can know which team the ball goes. Competitions that are based on votes are another example. The American Idol competition is an example of this where the audiences are the ones who decide who they want and think deserves to win. But then voting numbers can still be manipulated to be able to devise a different winner. Vigilance is important on all the contestants’ supporters if they are to make sure that their bet will not be a victim of this kind of competition frauds.

However, when the case comes for appealing for the ‘wrong’ declaration of winner, the complainants must be prompt in voicing their complaint formally because the longer it takes for the case to be moved, the lower the possibility that the decision will still be altered. With this, the complainants may search for their evidences and witnesses or even hold a campaign for the decision of winner to be reassessed. But if the decision remained final, the complainants must accept it fairly. After all, in any game, there will always be winners and losers and real winners are the one who knows how to be sports.

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