Monday, August 20, 2012

Fundraising Verification / Investigation

A fundraising is the means of accumulating funds most often in monetary form to be able to support a certain activity, project, or cause. Fundraising is non- obligatory. Meaning, people that are asked for help can give money voluntarily and they can also refrain from giving.

Most fundraising often sets a program to be able to gather funds. Organizers for example may sell items, organize an event, do service etc. in exchange for the money that people will give them. A fundraising should also be announced and should be known to the public. This is important to be able to present their group or organization as legitimate. Some fundraising needs to acquire permit or a waiver from certain authority or official to be able to implement.

There are many so called “fundraisings” that are illegitimately scattering. Some of them would just give solicitation letters to people stating “their stuff so and so” of the cause of the fundraising but that could not give you clear information when you consider rechecking.

When you are faced with the kind of people, it is not wrong to ask or refrain from giving if you are in doubt about what they are and for what fundraising they are soliciting. It would be better if you thoroughly check their information for whether they are legitimate or fake via people locator. This is the only way to discover moduses and stop them. Some people would not mind handing over money when they are being solicited. Whether you are giving small or big amount, it is essential to know where your money will go after you give them.

If you are in doubt, you may ask for some identification from them prior to giving money and tell them you will check first. If the solicitors do not mind you checking, then most probable they are legitimate, otherwise you should hold back and refrain from giving until you have verified them to be legal.

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