Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding Missing Person

Finding a missing person is one of the most challenging part of an investigator's job most especially if there were no or just a few hint or traces to know the person's whereabouts. There are different cases that an investigator handles when it comes to finding missing persons.

13 years ago, a businessman was included in a plane crash. The accident happened in the midst of an ocean and a lot of people were found dead, there have been few who had been saved by the passing fishermen, but nowhere to find the businessman. Months passed but the businessman's family could not locate him. The most frustrating part was that they were yet to find his body. They did not know whether he had already died or he survived and was just somewhere. The family did not stop til their last option. They have nearby islands and towns around the area and look for the possible places where he could be found.

Their hope sparked when they learned that there's a man who has been brought to the hospital several days after the plane crash but the person had gotten into a state of shock that he doesn't speak anything. The businessman's family hurriedly went to the hospital to confirm if the said man is their relative. Just as then, they had an overwhelming sigh of relief to find out that it was indeed their relative. Should they give up, they would have thought that they really lost him, and their persistence and resourcefulness all paved in the end.

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