Sunday, August 26, 2012

Evidence Search

No matter how a justice system in any country scrutinizes a case, there are still some that have been served injustice. There are many cases of mistaken abduction of criminals in the country. And this creates a big impact in the trust of a lot of people in the justice system.

A 24 year old man in Michigan was abducted due to being suspectedly involved in a house robbery. There were other four who has been sentenced for 10 years imprisonment after the several trials had been done. This man was a victim of frame up and was only found to be near the place of the scenario when the crime happened. He was accused as a look out of the other four robbers as seen in the cctv camera but this was not accepted as enough evidence.

The family of this wrongly accused had not stopped filing for appeals to the higher court. They had also not stopped searching for people who will help them -  might it be by giving lead to evidences or on being an eyewitness. Because of their persistence and vigilance on working for the freedom of their relative, they have been heard by the court and the case had been opened again for reexamination. The family had sought for the help of other capable lawyers and advisers. They had also searched for evidences and people find online - basically whatever would lead them in pointing the judges to knowing the truth. After several trials, the case was dismissed and the 24 year old mistaken individual was released from prison.

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