Thursday, August 2, 2012

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is very much widespread nowadays. The root of many gravest crimes is related to the use of drugs. The taking of illegal substance creates odd effect on how a person thinks or behaves and they may do unusual things that no normal person in the right mind would do.

The fast permeation of illegal drugs is due to the big syndicates fabricating the means of every possible access of drugs to societies. There is a also big amount of money involved in illegal drug so these people are unstoppable.

The youth is one of the most affected in this aspect. Even children are used as an accessory to the crime – in secret trading and delivery of drugs to the drug users. These children grow up in this kind of system and if not redeemed early, they will soon be the future drug lords. Women have also been subjected to this crime. Most women involved in prostitution had to take drugs in order to digest the ill things that they have to do in exchange of money. To say also, poverty is one of the leading causes why people get to be involved on drugs.

Furthermore, the lack of strong foundation of character and emotional satisfaction can only be found in loving environment – basically one’s family. Millions and billions of dollars have been wasted in targeting drug lords and running after but while there is lack of means to eliminate poverty and strengthen people, the battle on this issue will long be resolved.

Anyone can do their part to help eradicate this chronic disease of society by reporting activities of illegal drugs trafficking. Searching and reporting any illegal activities & people and putting a means to be able to stop them is every citizen’s humanitarian responsibility.

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