Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beware with Online Scams

He is an overseas worker in Kansas City for 3 years. He regularly sends money for his family back home in his country and occasionally sends packages as well. He inquires the bank and  logistics for this service to make sure that it will reach his family. However, on one weekend he receives a call from his wife asking him to send money right away because one of their children got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. He suddenly remember that it was weekend and that  the banks are closed for transaction. The logistics office in the city was close as well.

Thinking of other means and alternative in desperation, he sought for the internet for sending money to his family instantly. He finds a certain site he is looking for and thoughtlessly made a transaction without investigating further about the site's authenticity. After making transaction he calls his wife right away and tells her that the money is on the way. However, 3 days pass but no money came. Luckily, a friend back  home lends his wife money in order for their child to be given the needed medical procedure and medicinal need.

When the money doesn't reach, he checks the website where he did the transactions. He tried to contact the website's customer service but received no response. It is only then that he thinks about investigating about the site's authenticity on a search engine and to his disgrace found that the site is a dummy website and has already victimized many.

This is just one of the many cases of the websites online that we need to be cautious about. If we do not shield ourselves with skepticism, it would not be far that you also might become a victim so beware. 

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