Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Security

Because of the convenience that the internet brings, many of the transactions that used to take more time and effort not so long ago, can now be accomplished with more ease. From buying everything we need, to paying bills, transacting business, and communicating with people reaching even the other side of the world via online - everything takes place in just a click.

More and more businesses have been putting up with the advancement of technology along with people adapting lifestyle to it. However, with every positive thing, come their negative side; and those negative sides one must take caution from.

Many of the transactions you do online require you to disseminate your personal information. Doing this brings the risk of other people using your information for their own advantage. Websites requiring you to create passwords can be hacked. Also, your computer system can be bugged down by a virus endangering your system to dysfunction and your files to be lost.

Despite the fast advancement of internet use, the law concerning cyber crimes had not had the same phase of development in protecting its users. The government still lacks the claw in strictly punishing cyber criminals mainly because of lack of jurisprudence.

Because of this, the responsibility of protection lies on the users themselves to avoid falling onto the cyber criminals’ traps by practicing safety measures. If you are not an IT expert, you must ask knowledgeable people how you can put your net of security towards suspecting online entities. You must also know when and where not to give personal information to anyone. To make this possible, doing prior research will give you a lot of protection benefit. You can search for reviews of the URL name or the person you want to know about. With it, you can have an idea whether you are on safe transaction or you need to refrain or abort.


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