Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Generations Research

Do you know who your great great grand parents are? Do you know where did your family originated from? Have you ever thought why you don’t look like one of your parents? Or you have strange mannerisms you do not know how or from whom have you acquired? There are things that start to haunt you about your self until you have known why - by knowing the people whom you came from.

In school we were asked to do family tree as a project. During my time I remember I did not know what names to write on it because I did not have an idea about my ancestors besides my immediate family. Even asking my mom didn’t help much because she didn't know a lot about our ancestors as well.

Knowing our origin helps us to understand things about our present. Reason for searching for our ancestor is not just done for fun alone but you will know the bloodline running in your veins. Some maybe surprised to know that they are akin to some famous person. A talent may run through family from generation to generation. And you will know why you have a natural drive or passion for something because one of your ancestors had been born with the same talent. Although for some, it may not be that important, but some people it would help them be proud that they carry their family name.

As talents can be passed from generation to generation, sickness can also become hereditary. You will stop wondering why you have certain weakness on a specific organ when you found out that it starts from your great grand parents having it. In that way, you are able to be extra careful about your health when you know about your hereditary health history.

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