Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Employment Agency Check

Some companies rely on the services of an employment agency to take care of their human resource management needs. Employment agencies both for local and international companies have to be registered with government labor and employment department otherwise they can be considered as illegal operating employment agency.

There are reported cases of employment and labor code violations of some employment agencies. Topping the list of these violations is excessive or undue collection of fees from the applicants prior to being hired. There are also some problems encountered upon employment, like the discrepancy of the information relayed to them about the work that they will do and the actual work or employer where they are sent. Some even experience abuse from their employers and  not find help or support from their agencies when they are already in the miserable state.

The increasing percentage of unemployment is the major reason why many unemployed individuals get into these illegal agencies trying their luck on finding a job. But instead of finding the means to take them off the struggle, many have found themselves to be subverted and in worse situation.

The governments have been doing their best in order to eradicate illegal employment agencies but some are still operating free and victimizing many. Applicants for work must be wiser to know where they are engaging themselves. If they have found something that is suspicious, they should learn how to pause, think and investigate.

Agency records can be checked for legality on labor department offices in your district. It is also an option to do a background check via the internet using people search tools. By searching for authentic records, and finding illegal agencies, one may report immediately to the authorities and eventually save oneself and others from being a victim.

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