Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worker’s Salary, Compensation and Working Benefits

Prior to working for a company, an applicant must be informed about the salary, compensations and benefits that he or she should be expecting from the company that will hire him or her. It is required that companies give these to their workers duly as part of the labor code. Any company that is not following this labor code is considered operating illegally and committing labor abuse. This is subject to punishment of imprisonment and forced suspension of their company’s operation.

The widespread problem of unemployment worldwide had caused more abuse to laborers. They are forced to work for long hours without a raise of their salary. Some are also forced to accept jobs that are not inline with their real professions. For example, you can find nursing graduates working at call centers, or a business course graduate working in a blue collar job. Additional benefits are also not served accordingly. Some companies do not give medical insurance to their workers. Some do not even remit social security funds as part of the working benefits to their employees – and this is beyond the employee’s knowledge.

The sad part is that because there is difficulty in finding other jobs, the worker has no choice left but to stay in an unfair system - they rather choose this over going back to being unemployed.

There are two options that a worker may do as a resolution to these. First, one may report any case of labor abuse to the labor department in their district. The labor department may give warnings or reprimand the company to stop any abuse to laborers, otherwise face consequences.

The other option is a precaution that should be done even as an applicant. Before they apply or accept any employment proposal, they should gather information or have a background check of the company's profile. This way, they can prevent the possibility of experiencing labor abuse in the future.

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