Saturday, June 23, 2012

Agency or Agent Check

Some of the services that one needs may lead into seeking help of mediating party like agents or agencies. You may inquire of these agencies or agents to assist on the things that you may have no idea about or you lack information or on an occasion that you may be too busy to handle yourself.

Some of the companies have authorized agents and trained customer assistants who primarily attend to their customers firsthand. However, there are some freelance agents that also do this kind of job but not directly connected to the company that they presume to embody. These people are the ones that you must take caution from when dealing. There are some people that will introduce themselves to be connected with a company and will offer you products. Some of them appear to look very professional, they may present you IDs and other paraphernalia but still turn out to be fraudulent.

Checking, for security purposes is a good practice. There have been many crooked people entering every field and means they can to fool people and get what they want by trying to lure you with sales talk and some marketing spiels. You can never really be sure with anyone approaching you with unless you really see them working on the company/establishment desk.

It is much better to transact directly to a company or on the establishment that you are aiming to purchase or employ services from. However, on occasions you can have no choice, you may check an agent’s credibility by searching his or her background first. You may check for their license on Professional Regulatory Commission on your district; ask the company directly if the particular person is an authorized agent of their company or search their  information on people finder. This is a must for safety especially when you are dealing with transactions involving big amount of money. 

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