Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stalker / Frank Caller Check

Having stalkers and frank callers bogging you is scary. The feeling that someone you do not know is watching you is just so freaky and puts you in a state of paranoia. You may think of some grave thoughts that the person would do something to harm you, and couldn’t bear to be left alone without company of other people. Frank caller is just the same, when you are being called by an unknown person saying mean or threatening things, you would naturally lose your peace of mind.

Experiencing these two is really alarming, especially if it already affects your everyday life. Say, you couldn’t go to places where you want to go alone. It could affect your work, social life, and likewise thinking of the safety of your family. When you are experiencing these things from strangers, it is advisable that you let security people know so they can work to stop, hunt, investigate the person, and even put the person in jail if found to be guilty of attempting to harm you.

Psychologists say that stalkers have some psychological disorder that’s why they do things like following a person. Stalking someone can be a form of obsession. This is common for celebrities and famous people. Too much admiration can make a fan obsessed into knowing everything about the person and following wherever they go. Frank callers however can have other purposes of calling a person. They may give threats or woo a person by calling but not revealing identity.

Stalkers and frank callers can be traced by expert investigators. It is easy to detect where a certain call is coming from, and from there, know who is doing the frank calls. Stalkers can likewise be set for a trap to be caught in the act of following and eventually know their identity. 

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