Saturday, May 26, 2012

Road Safety

There are many accidents happening on the road due to some drivers and pedestrians that violate road signs, traffic rules, and driving rules. This may be prevented if only drivers and pedestrians take personal and conscious responsibility every time they are on the road.

Having traffic enforcers standing by on every corner of the road will not be enough. Installing of road signs, traffic lights, surveillance cameras and other road guides help but once an accident happens, it happens. Much for the rules that had been violated, you will think of the people who get hurt and loose lives. Others only become victims of the few who never thinks of the consequences of a small wrong act.

Drivers who have made arrears have the tendency to run away from their misdeed and victims may be hit run. In this scenario, the driver may be hard to be catch unless you get the vehicle’s plate number.

When you are a car owner who has a driver to drive for you, would you be not be cautious of checking they don’t have these tendencies of taking your life or someone else’s at risk? Of course. Who wants to die early and who want to kill and be in jail? That is why it is to your good that you thoroughly screen them prior to making them take you for a ride.

First to check is their driver’s license. When getting a driver’s license, a person should undergo series of tests. They have to be cleared of any substance abuse; they should attend a seminar on road precautions, and of course, they have to have the knowledge of driving. For some, they take psychological tests to measure their attitudes and tendencies.

Do your own research, ask for records and references and test drive. You can also do a background check to know if the person has any criminal record in the past. There can never be any sure means of security but doing these things gives you more ease. 

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