Sunday, May 20, 2012

Piracy Investigation

Piracy is one case of forgery or theft whether by product imitation, a resembling idea, a name and a lot more. It has a ground for legal action whenever one is proven to be counterfeiting another’s property. Piracy may be a serious offense most especially if the one being pirated is priced for a very big amount and is solely owned. The original owner may file for a demand on anyone who would commit to steal their property and can demand not just monetary penalty but also freedom, for one may be subject for imprisonment.

Piracy is very common in film industry. The reproduction of counterfeit copies of movies instead of people buying original copies steals millions and billions of dollars from the movie producers. It also kills opportunities of people who are working for this kind of industry. Imitation of products is also one serious offense and you cannot be shortened to see a lot of imitation of branded products being sold in the market. People are patronizing such goods because it is being sold way cheaper than the original make – but of course with already compromised quality. An idea can also be stolen from the original source. Once proven, it is also bound for punishment by the law. A name can also be stolen or distorted but in a same recall.

If you have experienced such case or you have found out someone is in the business of piracy, you may report the person to authorities and they would not have a means to get away if proven guilty. You may also do your own background check or check any criminal records associated with the person. By acting on it you may save a lot of people from the habit of stealing and counterfeiting and also give right credits to the right people who should be benefiting on the things that they have worked hard for. 

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