Thursday, May 10, 2012

Online Social Media Posers

Social media craze is a rising hype. You are not considered ‘in’ if you do not have an account with Facebook or Twitter. Almost every person on the planet is engrossed with these two sites – not to mention others. Social media has been a main medium of communication in this age in time. In an instant, you can connect with people no matter how far they are living in the face of the planet - when it would usually take weeks to months to communicate before when we are still living in the age of snail mails. Well, snail mail still exists, but definitely not so much of how it was before.

The effect of information technology media on people’s lives is so profound that it had been relied on too much for everything. As it makes people’s lives much easier, it has also made some disadvantages to some effect. Cite for example, when wrong information has been posted in these sites, it automatically reaches everyone that is using and reading information posted on these sites. Information dissemination is fast in the internet that is why people must be cautious of what they are sharing to the world. It may destroy people’s reputation and can also create misinformation.

One should bear in mind that not everything that you read in the internet is true, reliable, and authentic. This includes people they communicate with. Being aware of this can guard you from entering the danger of being fooled and trapped by a lot of schemes, misinformation and also your giving out of your personal information easily.

It is wise to research things to check its truthfulness. With the immense extent of the internet, there is still lack of regulations existing when it comes to security of its users. This leaves every internet users to take personal responsibility for themselves. 

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