Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Games and Promotional Gimmicks Investigation

Have you heard of any games, promotions and gimmicks that promise to give you prices but end up realizing that you’ve been fooled? There are many of them. Some may even be so believable and will induce you to give in to their prizes, provided you have to give them something first. Part of their strategy is to entice you of chances of winning big prizes, but these prizes are just their way to get your interest.

Some of them will sell tickets and will set a draw that would not really happen. They would just run from those who bought tickets taking away money from these victims. Another example is with the use of marketing strategy. These people are harder to depict because they appear to be just selling you items that you really see. They even rent places in malls but then the fraud is hidden in the way they market package deals. When they urge you to buy an item, they will offer you a different package deal which sounds better, not knowing that they are apt to putting you to a deeper pit of more financial bond. There is also a modus that is very chronic via the means of texts. Here,  you will receive a message informing that you won in a certain draw in which you know nothing about, (having not joined any contest). But they have stints of asking you to deposit a certain amount of money first in order to claim the said price - these and a lot more.

If you are not aware of these people and their gimmicks, there is a big chance that you can become one of their victims. If ever you are in doubt about something, doing a bit of investigation first is always advisable. And most importantly, be wise in dealing with people and things that are too good to be true - not everything that sparkles are gold.


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