Friday, April 13, 2012

Billing Issues

Utility billing can be roused with many issues. Billers must be invariable about their system’s measures and procedures in order to maintain good relationship with their clients. As an initiation, the biller must need to verify their customer’s information to make sure that they are qualified clients for the service that they offer.

Unpaid client bills are one of the most common issues that spark a problem. The service provider’s resort may be temporary or permanent cutting of service to the client that may lead to the client being black listed. This issue may be settled between the service provider by paying the amount by installment or full but it may already give the client a delinquent record that may make it hard for them to avail of other services either on the same service provider or with others.

Another problem that service providers encounter is customer change of address. There are customers that suddenly leave their residence without prior notice or settling of an outstanding bill. This case may already be hard to settle and run after the client unless they conduct investigation on the customer’s where about.

When as a service provider you conduct investigation, these cases can be prevented or solved once encountered. Even prior to accommodating customers for service provision, they have to be conducted for a background check on some related and relevant information such as real name, address, property records, lawsuits records and some others.

On the other hand, it is not only the service provider that has the right for this check. Customers can also conduct checking when they are sued with a case that they know they are not guilty of. This give them equal right and opportunity to fight for their case they know they can win over.

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