Thursday, March 15, 2012

Organization and Community Check

There are different kinds of organization and communities that are being formed for a certain cause - from small to big groups and basically every field – business, politics, NGOs, professionals, educational and a lot more.

The difference would just weigh between the cause and its effect to every member of the group and the immediate society that surrounds them. There have been cases of abuse reported for a number of organization and community in every field; and unfortunately, the abused minorities have no power or voice to speak their case until it becomes too late.

Political oppression is one of the cases of society’s great problem. The abuse of power from political assailants can be hard to defy unless they are heard by higher or bigger justice giving body. Youth also suffer from different school organizations like sororities and fraternities. There are already many cases of death with reported hazing practices and the children’s parents would have no idea about what their children are entering. Rebel groups are one of the most notorious groups that recruit people and even children to be trained for ill-practices to oppress and kill a lot of people. These practices have been spreading all over the world; and there are a lot that have not been recognized and reported due to great for fear that they will be returned and be killed by these terrorists.

These are just some of the cases are that can involve groups, organizations and communities. If you are not observant about the groups that you or you loved ones are entering, it may cause you great danger in life. If you are in doubt about a certain organization or group that your children or a member of your family gets involved, you should do a background check.

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