Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cohabitation or Living-In Investigation

Cohabitation is one ground for granting a divorce in the marriage between husband and wife. If a husband, a wife or both is proven to be co-inhabiting with other partners, the guilty party is entitled for a penalty. The party who has lesser or of no-fault however may totally rid him or herself of the penalties. The grounds for cohabiting vary between states and with different countries. However, child custody, child support, and alimony may very well depend on the activities of the parent.

A proof of cohabitation is needed in family courts to support decisions for the grants for child custody, maintenance of financial support for the child or the spouse, and equal property rights. Cohabitation is also used during annulment and pre-nuptial background investigation. There are many aspects of investigation that can lead to accumulation of proofs. This includes Property Investigation, Activity Conflicts, Lie Detection, Bodily Fluid Testing which includes Semen Tests, DNA tests, Pregnancy Test, Paternity Test, Drug Testing, Surveillance using videos and photos of the subjects, Cell phone activity records, Computer logs and Internet browsing, E-mail Tracing, Identity Checks, and Undercover Investigations.

These informations can be obtained by having an investigator do services for you. The investigation may be done secretively or on the consent of the court. Employing an investigation service can do a detailed, clear, and credible accumulation of evidences than just doing your own investigation. This can be signed and documented by an accredited body and are honored by the court having undergone series of legal process.

Proof of cohabitation is one of the painful discoveries in the processes of acquiring grants for divorce. More so, for the children who were oftentimes the most affected by the complication of irreconcilable parents. Yet, for the sake of having peace, it became a sort of rational agreement.

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