Friday, February 24, 2012

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime of taking on an identity of another person for different purposes which are mostly to stray or to plan an act of fraud. There are different ways that people do this. It can be introducing oneself personally as someone else using disguise or not. It can be in the form of documents, or the most common means is through online.

The extent of this differs depending on how the stolen identity is used, who uses it and the impact it caused a person who owns the identity. There are cases that identity of another person is stolen in order to find things out about a person. Example is when a wife pretends to be another person in order to discover if her husband is cheating. Another form of identity theft happens in the form of documents. A person may take on an identity of someone in order to avail of some benefits or claim. And the most common brooding site of identity theft is through online sites. Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter are just one of the sites where a lot of identity theft cases happen. This social media sites are available and free to be signed up to by basically anyone making it accessible to identity thieves.

In order for anyone to prevent misleading identities, they must protect themselves by being witty in knowing if one is authentic. One can do own research, or use tools such as people search engines. Using this tool can easily detect if one is really an authentic identity owner or not. The cases of identity theft can cause grave destruction of reputation and even crime. Cases like these are punishable by law if a victim files a case on the court otherwise.

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