Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cyber Sabotage

Cyber sabotage is one of the worst crimes on the face of internet technology. It plagues and destroys businesses, reputations and big population of e-commerce based online. From inflicting harmful viruses, destructive social network posts, accounts hacking, stealing corporate and personal information such as credit card numbers, and other confidential corporate files.

These cyber sabotage alarms not just private corporations and institutions but likewise the government for its growing number of cases. Considering the great dependency of social systems on information technology and cyber-commercialism, devising means of prevention is something to be taken seriously. There are many avenues that cyber sabotage permeates. Some of which are sending false, perverse and abusive information on websites, social networking communities and blog sites; Creation of misleading information to the public and authorities to hide someone’s true identity and criminal activities; Assailing website with data until it floods out and disabled from executing basic to intrinsic functions; It can even cause big threat to a nation, worldwide security and peace as cyber terrorisms can abrupt, alter, or shut down computer operated machines such as the nuclear power plants. The present emergence of cell phone and tablets use for information, financial transactions and purchasing should also be monitored for its nearest future possibility of target by criminals.

Everyone needs to be vigilant and aware of about the security measures in the use of technology. Thorough investigations can be employed during such cases. It involves data recuperation and retrieval of deleted files, doing surveillance, counter-acting damages, and tracing the IP address. This can only be done by a technology professional. Prior to conducting this process, damage control must also be taken to ease the harm it can further cause. This process can also detect where the sabotage initialized and thereby trace the criminal.

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