Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Case Witness Testimony

A witness is one of the most significant key to solving legal cases in court hearings. A witness’s testimony can bring justice to both the accused and complainant if the testimony pleads would be proven valid and credible by the court. The witnesses’ lives are put in danger whenever they attest to or against any of the parties involved in the case. It is a big risk for them to stand and relay things bravely that they alone can resolve to or against their consciences for they have the choice to testify or not.

There are some bogus witnesses however that are paid to testify falsely against someone. These are just some of the reality happening behind any case hearings. There are dirts that lead to shedding blood and there are innocent lives suffering unjustly. These witnesses should be looked unto closely for their credibility to give testimony and likewise the validity of the testimony they give.

Aside from being under a witness protection program, witnesses may also be put under a pre-trial investigation. This can discredit a testimony or the person itself can be invalidated to stand as a witness. Doing background checks can dig deeper information that may be used by a party as a defense for cross examination. It can detect discrepancies on the testimony of the witness. A CV can be a good start to be investigated as it contains a lot of information at one glance. Affiliations are also a must needed angle to be investigated on. Prior statements and past acts can be compared to see any disparity to the testimonies of the witness. It can paint the credibility to whatever the witnesses may plead on the sight of the court. These are all rigorous process to do but should not be overlooked on the face of justice. 

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