Friday, December 30, 2011

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are continuously growing. As it grows in the number of people who are using it, there also a number of different ways  that some people are making it as an avenue to use in ways not very helpful to others.

There are no restrictions to anyone who would want to get into these networking sites. Any person can possibly get an access and create an account as signing up is only for free. For this reason, there is less means to filter out the large number of people signing up. Have you been victimized by spam messages?; Status or videos that you may not have anything to do but surprises to just pop in and be posted on your profile wall? How about those that asks you to like their page for certain reason so and so? Or creating instant enemy on someone who just posts an insulting message, bumping into a page that uses your name or pictures and stealing your identity? There are a lot more than that the users encounter. As long is the list of good things that this technology brings in to our lives, the list for the counter effect makes a parallel.

If you already have been a victim or are apt to investigate further about the people you see on these networking sites, there is a means to do this and you may eventually guard yourself from these people. People search engines helps you do it. By typing in the name or the profile name of the person, ample of information will be displayed to you. After doing so if you decide he/she is not a good person to be friends with, just simply take them out of your friends list or you may take an option to report them to authorities. Networking sites is a good medium for many good reasons. Never allow other people’s bad intention to spoil it. Be responsible then to your own safety. 

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